Amb. Chief, (Dr) Tomone, the leader of oil rich Youbebe Community in Ogulagha Kingdom of Delta State has described RT. Hon. Godknows Angele as a Council Chairman Par Excellence.

Tomone made the statement at Burutu, Headquarters of Burutu Local Government Area, during a courtesy visit to the Council boss  recently.

Tomone, while expressing his admiration of the Burutu Council boss’s style of leadership, emphatically commended him for his Solomonic application of wisdom and his diplomatic disposition towards leadership. In concordance with others who had given Hon. Angele his deserved flowers for excellent leadership manifestations, Tomone remarked that Hon. Godknows Angele has outwitted the destructive tendencies of insecurity through the judicious application of his vast knowledge of Conflict Resolution.

Highlighting the applaudable achievements of Hon. Godknows Angele as the chairman of Burutu Local Government Area, Tomone qualified the consistently steadfast council boss as a tireless trailblazer and constructive pace setter whose impact on the Burutu people, especially those of Ogulagha Kingdom cannot be easily forgotten. The Ogulagha Kingdom chief affirmed that Angele has succeeded in giving the Burutu man a reason to sleep with his two eyes fully closed , as peace across all borders, with a touch of health consciousness has defined the crux of Angele’s administration. He added that the Angele administration thus far, is unquestionably and unapologetically the most impactful over the years. He said he would unequivocally score Angele 99/100% owing to the unique delivery of credible representation and stewardship to the Burutu people.

The Credible Majority People’s Forum and The Concerned Body of Ogulagha Kingdom, which accompanied Tomone to visit the Burutu Council boss, added their accolades in honour of the highly hailed council chairman, Angele. Speaking for the Credible Majority People’s Forum, its chair person, Mr. Mathew Ekpokeme thanked Angele for his constant availability and accessibility to the Burutu people. He hinted that it is only a genuine love for the people that could compel a chairman to stay put at his duty post on a regular basis. On his part, Mr. Daniel Okebor , the chairman of the Concerned Body of Ogulagha Kingdom also rendered an encomium for the humongous leadership beatitudes of the Angele administration which can only be marked as excellent in case of grading. Daniel Okebor noted that Ogulagha Kingdom is proud of the Council boss and will always hold in high esteem his love for the Ogulagha people. Mr. Wilfred Anoruse , the PRO of the Concerned Body of Ogulagha Kingdom, in the same vein thanked the hospitable chairman for the overwhelming entertainment and hosting.

In addition, Comr. Godwin Ozu on behalf of the Obotobo 1& 2, Sokebulou and Yokiri youths who came in the entourage of Tomone, thanked the LGA chairman for his relentless commitment to the peaceful coexistence of communities and Kingdoms in Burutu LGA. He also extol the council boss for the numerous infrastructural projects accredited to his administration, specifically making reference to the Ogulagha Community healthcare centre which is at the roofing level. He pleaded with the chairman to keep up the good work.

Timadi Emmanuel Kenakemebo, the Vice President of Ogulagha Kingdom Youth Council, who was present in the visitation, also appreciated the Burutu LGA chairman for his servant style of leadership. He also used the medium to appeal for more empowerment avenues for the Burutu Youths.

Chief Tomone, warmly thanked the Burutu LGA boss for his cheerful reception, fatherly advice and interaction as the bond of friendship continue to wax stronger. He called for continuous support for Angele in his journey to finishing well as the executive chairman of Burutu Local Government Area.

While delivering a vote of thanks, Elder Dodo Douglass, a foremost elder of Ogulagha Community, thanked Angele for his warm reception, entertainment, advice and leadership aura which engulfed the entire visitation . He urged the chairman to continue on the path he has chosen, noting that it is indeed a path of righteousness and one that is worthy of emulation. Elder Dodo prayed for more wisdom and divine health for the council boss and all his associates including his advisory council and other.

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