August 30th, 2022.

The political leadership space since the creation of Delta state dated back in August 27th 1991 has been dominated by a recycling process not giving hope to people with vision and even the youths to emerge.

‘Youths are the leaders of tomorrow’ has become a cliché. Repeatedly, and one would ask; ‘will this tomorrow ever come’? For me, the tomorrow is now but how can we get the youths into core leadership positions without any sort of compromise?

We have recycled leaders from the period of independence to the extent that leadership has become the property of some egocentric and rigid grandparents who have refused to take a bow.

In the event of stepping aside, they pick a successor who is more or less a relation. The place of merit and the people’s mandate has been thrown into the air resulting to increased in non participation among people with visions for a better society.

If we indeed hope to go into the future with the expectation of a better Burutu North , we have to rejuvenate a new vision and hope for the land.

From independence, we have been riding on experience, which has resulted to the recycling of old heads in governance who have abused positions of authority.

It appears to me that these recycled leaders have lose their visions and hence unable to figure out that we need a positive transformation, hence ” THE WANTED ODUMALAGBA IN BURUTU NORTH “

Dr. Amb Alapala Anthony Ebitonmo has been widely recognized overtime as benevolent giver in the whole of the Burutu LGA and beyond without any public office to his credit.

If one can do all of the above without any political office to his credit then what becomes the story when he eventually becomes the next assembly member to represent Burutu North?

What we need now is “human capital development and infrastructural development ” and if we are passionate for them then we must hunt for those who desired for such change.

ODUMALAGBA Is badly wanted in Burutu North to speak audaciously & influence development to our people. Our Youth must rise and live independently without relying on peanut at the emergence of ALAPALA as the only link to the world of empowerment.

The transformation of Burutu North is non negotiable owing to the retrogressive state we both find ourselves. ALAPALA is passionate for development and human capital development is second name to ALAPALA.

This narrative can be changed if we all team up to get into the dirty and dark road of our politics. This road needs to be salvaged by men and women of vision. The politics of Delta state may be embroiled in violence, greed, thuggery, fraud, etc, but let’s not forget that the nothing good comes easy. The time to be involved is now, no more seating on the fence to watch while it deteriorates per second. Only by participation can we influence true and positive change. The time is now.

May I end this clarion call with the words of Edmund Burke when he said “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing ” may we never kept quite in the face of tyranny & bad leadership!

This project is Youthful! All youths clamoring for development must get involve, this project for you & me, get involve with all you can, the time is now!

Ebolo Sam
Writes this piece from Ayakoromo town Akubiri quarters.

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