PAP: Group Rubbishes Amnesty Contractor Andrew Pinneh’s Claim Against Ndiomu, Educates Him


Following contradictory claims by one Andrew Pinneh, a vendor with the Presidential Amnesty Programme, against the Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), Maj. Gen. Barry Tariye Ndiomu (rtd), the Ijaw Defenders Mandate (IDM) has again cautioned him over vocal manipulations on the Amnesty boss.

The group which also advised the contractor to seek other means of resolving his personal issues with the Amnesty boss emphasized that Gen. Ndiomu would not succumb his style of manipulating vocal tone and body language to send signals of trustworthiness and that Ndiomu for now is more concerned about the welfare of ex-agitators than paying attention to contradictions from a contractor.

Speaking with newsmen in Warri on Thursday, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Ijaw Defenders Mandate (IDM), Comr. Solomon Igbanwei, lamented that it was rather shameful that one who claims to be a long standing contractor with a sensitive federal government’s agency would publicly indict the same agency he claims to have business transactions with, adding that the attempt by the vendor to also discredit the anti-graft agencies of the federal government of complicity of his alleged diversion of funds speaks volumes of his frustration.

The group further noted that for the contractor to use the public space to harass the Interim Administrator and passing vote of no confidence on the anti-graft agencies shows he lacks integrity and respect for institutions, saying that the desperation of the contractor who claimed to be consultant as well a contractor with PAP from the time of Kingsley Kuku as Special Adviser and Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme under former President Goodluck Jonathan, Brig-Gen. Paul Boro (Rtd) to late Charles Dokubo and lastly, Col. Milland Dikio (rtd) seems not to understand office protocols, which has defined his attitude and desperation.

Comr. Solomon Igbanwei, who expressed disappointment with the unguided language of the contractor against an illustrious Ijaw son who served in the Nigerian Army and meritoriously without any indictment reiterated that the egotism in the self acclaimed consultant to PAP may have driven him to toot his own horn shamefully without possibly realising the consequences of his actions.

He noted that proud individuals usually have hard time giving others credit, even when it is deserved, adding their ability to promote themselves may help them to climb the ladder but still harbor resentment among people whose contributions they never recognize.

Comr. Solomon Igbanwei recalled that the achievements of the Interim Administrator have enormous and worthy of emulation, informing that Gen. Ndiomu has been moving from one federal agency to another, making sure that ex-agitators secure gainful employment, in addition to making spirited efforts to introduce soft loans for ex-agitators to do sustainable businesses that would make them to self-reliant, rather than depending of stipends.

He added: “A person without integrity would rather think of himselves before others, such persons usually have trouble arguing in a civil way. They dig in their heels to insist they are right and avoid being revealed as a liar, and they won’t be open minded to learn from others or find appropriate solutions.

“To a person without integrity, the truth has little value. They will tell all manner of falsehoods so long as it helps them come out on top. It can be difficult to detect the lies, however, because they often can speak with eloquence and conviction. The worst offenders also are expert actors who are capable of manipulating vocal tone and body language to send signals of trustworthiness.

“A person with poor integrity might not be as able to discern emotional cues from others. But even if they are, their egotism gets in the way and makes them dismiss the feelings of others as being less important than their own wellbeing, gain or satisfaction. Because they don’t want to admit they are doing harm, they rewrite reality in their own minds and mentally or verbally minimize what’s happening, Comr. Solomon Igbanwei regretted.

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