Activist Writes FG, CAN, Others On Big Brother Naija Reality Television Show 

By Comr. Anthony Demebide 

In today’s Nigerian society, it’s a known fact that indecency and nudity pays more than decency. Being immoral is better appreciated by all consciously or unconsciously. The moral decadence is in the upsurge as people thread this way to stardom and economic liberation.
The Big Brother Naija Television Reality Show is the biggest with viewership over 240million people across the globe. We are more interested in shows like Big Brother Naija undermining its moral corruptibility, good or bad. #bbnaija is just one out of the many unmentioned in this article.
The Big Brother  Naija Television Show started its tentacles in Nigeria in 2006 with the first edition billed for 5th of May – 4th of June, 2006. It’s a show produced by Africa Magic. This show has produced many stars since its existence in Nigeria.
I’m surprised at the “whys” the GOVERNMENT and the CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (CAN) recently raised concerns on the ongoing season 5 of the Big Brother Naija Television Reality Series. The Christian and Government Institutions have failed the common people hence they have no moral right to question the sanctity of this reality show.
The Boko Haram insurgency has been ravaging the country. Banditry, kidnappings, cybercrimes, and other social vices have taken over Nigeria, yet her president is more interested in resolving Mali’s crisis while his country is in shambles. 
The peaceful Nigerian youths are left to die in their fate without government’s show of love for her people but busy rehabilitating repentant Boko Haram fighters, and giving them jobs. Is that not an injustice done to the peace-loving and law-abiding citizens without livelihood?
Today, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has come out to make a strong statement on the #BBNAIJASHOW, the need to scramble this show because of its sanctity corruptibility, but the big question is that what have pastors/prophets/priests done to morally engage and alleviate the abjecty poverty of the poor tithe and offering givers?

They rather build more churches, schools and residential houses hiked in fees and rentage unaffordable by same congregants. These institutions, Government and the Religious Leaders at all levels have no programme put up to morally engage the youth populace of Nigeria.
The government recently approved #75Billion Nigerian Youth Investment Fund, but will this get to the targeted hopeless youths? Even if the funds are unwillingly released, those with big connects, and the children of the elite class will be the beneficiaries.
While there’s massive looting and disbursement of public funds across all sectors and government agencies in Nigeria, #AfricaMagic puts up this show envisioned by entertainment, encouraging team work, game strategy, talent discovery, unity, and intimacy as a fast selling business for economic gains.
As huge winner’s packages attached to the show, contestants would do anything to win, to be liberated from economic bondage hence the nude strategy because they’ve discovered that Nigerians love anything that has to do with nudity and sexual indecency as revealed by the show from its past seasons. The 5th season which is ongoing is not an exception.
Winner of this year’s season of the Big Brother Naija Television Reality Show will go home with these mouth-watering packages;
*Dubai Trip for Two

*2 Bedroom Apartment

*#30m Cash Prize

*Champions League Finale Trip

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*One Year Supply of Pepsi, Branded Chiller

*OPP RENO Smartphone

*Innoson G40

*Trip to Dublin

*TV and Premium Fridge

*And many other prizes for indecently active for three months
It’s very pathetic to note that immorality sells much more than morality but who do we blame? It’s the government, CAN, NGOs, and a host of others.
College of Education, Warri holds my records in an inked recording space as one of the best students just like others. As the best graduating student of English Language in an epochal convocational ceremony in 2011, I was presented to an English Language “Textbook” as the sole prize by Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan, Governor of Delta State then. I thought money and other items would follow to encourage deserving students to do more in their further studies but…..
I once represented College of Education, Warri to a televised quiz competition, comprised Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education where I emerged first runner-up but upon my return, the school management didn’t even mention the joy and pride I brought to the school.
Government and parastatals should bury their faces in shame for not encouraging things through her programmes to build moral standards of the society. Stop the chants of condemnation of the Big Brother Naija Show because you have failed society in her moral yearnings and expectations.

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