Gelegele Elders Council Disowns Okao Title, Warns BSM To Retrace Steps

By Binebai Princewill 

The Elders Council of Gelegele community also known as Gelegelegbene, an Ijaw settlement in Olodiama Kingdom, Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State have disowned a title called Okao by a group operating under the aegis of BSM, wherein the group was allegedly commiserating with the people of Gelegele over the demise of one Engr. Joseph Iyomaha.

But the Gelegele Community Elders Council via a statement personally signed and issued to newsmen in Benin yesterday by High Chief Macaulay Ayiwe, Spokesman of Gelegele community Elders council, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide had warned handlers of BSM to retrace their steps from misleading the public with such strange titles that are completely alien to the Ijaws of Gelegele and Olodiama Kingdom. 

The statement reads bellow:

Re: BSM Commiserate With Gelegele Community Over Okao”s Demise, a sacrilegious statement. 

An Ijaw proverbs says and i quote, it is  only the foolish fly that follows the corpse to the grave, ordinarily we wouldn’t have joined issues with the self acclaimed president and a sole member of one defiant group called BSM   whose stock in trade is to promote tribal crisis in other for him to constantly cash out without recourse to the adverse implications of such actions. 

For the records, the general public should be adequately informed that the Gelegele people also known as Gelegelegene are entirely Ijaw people with no single affiliation nor resemblance with the Binis, the title Okao is very alien to the Ijaws and its culture of which  we are unaware of any demise of any Engr. Joseph Iyomaha because such name do not exist in our community nor in the Inec list of voters in Gelegele Community Unit 11 of ward 11.

It is distinctly instructive  that we draw the full attention of all government agencies, cooperate bodies operating within our areas and well meaning individuals that the self styled president of BSM and others are going from gate to gate  of the above mentioned bodies with this fallacious information with the aim of  sourcing for fund with the death of the said Joseph Iyomaha, surprisingly, even in death the man is still humiliated by his kinsmen, must curtis Eghosa Ugbo use every means to make money? 

If truly the demise man is from Gelegele as claimed by Curtis Ugbo then the burial rites will certainly take place in Gelegele and be laid to rest there, i hope Curtis will be bold enough to provide a pictorial and video evidence were the burial rites will take place because it will be a monumental embarrassment and shame that the acclaimed Okao was not buried were he claimed to have come from. 

Finally, We make bold to say that the Gelegle people will as well not allow his corpes to be buried in Ughoton  as a satellite community within the watch and lordship of the  Amaokosuwei of Gelegelegene  community 

Sign High Chief Macaulay Ayiwe Spokesman Gelegele community Elders council

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