Bayelsa: Jubilation In Aghoro II Community As Konyefa Emerges Chairman Elect

By Binebai Princewill

There is massive jubilation in Aghoro II community, Ekeremor Local Government Area of Bayelsa State as young and vibrant Mr. Konyefa Jude Miyen emerged Chairman of the community. 

The election which was conducted by the Feseiye family members of Aghoro II community saw the accreditation of 160 members of the family that were accredited to vote in the process. 

However, during voting, out of the 160 accredited voters, a total of 130 persons voted for Mr. Konyefa Jude Miyen who was later declared by the Feseiye Family Electoral Committee as the winner haven scored the highest number of votes. 

The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide was briefed that since it is the turn of Winne Idumu (Quarter ), particularly the Feseiye family to produce the Chairman of the community, the leadership of  Feseiye descendants summoned a meeting in Aghoro II community on the 29th of January 2022 where interested persons for the Chairmanship position indicated their interests. 

Among those who indicated interest for the Chairman position include Chief Godspower Numa, Mr. Izetuwei Teiseigha and Mr. Konyefa Jude Miyen, The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide was hinted that after must deliberations among members of the family, Chief Godspower Numa withdrew from the Chairmanship race.

According to our source, with the withdrawal of Chief Godspower Numa from the race, it was now left for Mr. Teiseigha and Miyen to slug it out via the family on who becomes the Chairman since non of them is ready to step down for the other. 

However, in other to be allegedly fair to the both parties, the family adjourned to reconvene on Saturday 12th of February 2022 for an election to decide who becomes the Chairman of Aghoro II community. 

Nevertheless, on the 12th of February 2022 an election was conducted and Konyefa Miyen Jude won with 130 votes while Mr. Izetuwei Teiseigha did not show up in the election, our source continued that before the election, Mr. Teiteigha was contacted via phone about the election before the family went ahead to conduct the election that gave Konyefa Miyen a landslide victory. 

In his speech after the victory, Konyefa had promised that after his inauguration as Chairman of Aghoro II community on the 23rd of February 2022, he will work closely with his Executive members and all leadership structures in the community to address the many woes confronting the community, adding that his coming on-board is the dawn of a new era. 

Furthermore, Speaker after speaker who hinted The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide had expressed confidence on the ability of Konyefa to take Aghoro II community with his sterling leadership qualities to an enviable height.

Meanwhile, inline with the normal practice of the community, the leadership of Feseiye family have already presented Konyefa Miyen to the larger Winne Idumu, a presentation that saw them wholeheartedly accepting Konyefa Miyen. 

In view of this, the community have fixed February 23rd 2022 to inaugurate the new leadership of the community. 

Members of the Feseiye family electoral committee include Chief Saturday Bazigha, Chief Superdi Zuogha, Chief Ebikeseye Odibo as well as Mr Perekeseiye Bakiri.

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