2023: Group Organises Over 1, 000 Man March In Delta, Seek Political Freedom For Youths


As 2023 draw nearer, a predominantly Youth based group under the auspices of lndependent Grassroot Liberators (IGL) yesterday staged a massive awareness campaign at Ogbe-ljoh, headquarters of Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State on the need to take their political destinies into their hands and not allowing alleged leaders to tell them what to do come 2023 general elections. 

The solidarity movement which was held in the early hours of Thursday 3rd November, 2022 at Ogbe-ljoh Warri kingdom, the headquarters of Warri South-West LGA, attracted youth leaders, groups and associations from the various communities and wards in the Local Government Area to assemble in a solidarity movement to discuss their future as well as to take their destiny in their hands to take drastic decision on the type of candidates to work and vote for in the coming general elections.

The aim of the solidarity movement according to Amb. Mamamu Bene Youkore, a critical stakeholder of the movement who is also the President of the Niger Delta Youth Council noted that the aim of the group and the awareness campaign was to educate the masses to vote their conscience by identifying with credible grassroot people oriented candidates with a workable manifesto that will protect their interest and not political party.

Speaking to the press during the one thousand youths solidarity March at Ogbe-ljoh, the National Coordinator of the group, Hon. Company Yerinbowei stated that the group as the name implies is the coming together of an lndependent Grassroot Liberators, (youth leaders) cut across the various communities and wards in Warri South-West LGA. 

He stressed that the masses are fed up with fake political promises in the past in the name of party politics, saying 2023 would not be as usual because we are voting for the best candidate and not party.

He noted that their mandate is open to discussion with any viable candidate that is aspiring for a political office in the forthcoming general elections across the country, especially Delta State in particular, adding that the body is devoid of political party.

Hon. Company reiterated that lndependent Grassroot Liberators, IGL is well prepared with over one thousand eligible youths with permanent voters cards (PVCs) to work and deliver any candidate that have the pains of the masses at heart.

In his reaction, the National President of the Niger Delta Youths and a son of the soil, Amb. Ben Mamamu thanked and appreciated the various community and ward youth leaders for sacrificing their time to partook in the all important one thousand youth march, stressing that their efforts shall not be in vain.

He noted that the youths are wise now and they cannot be used as usual as political thugs in the forthcoming general elections.

” Ogbe-ljoh Warri kingdom is not progressing compared to other kingdoms in the state. Therefore, we are creating this awareness today across to all the youths in Nigeria, especially Delta State to be wise and vote for the candidates that have the grassroot peoples interest at heart.

” Our kingdom is in darkness, we need light, drinkable water, health care facilities, conducive learning environment and just name it. We the youths at the grassroot level are saying enough of bad leadership over the years. Therefore, 2023 we want to change the narrative by voting a credible grassroot peoples oriented candidates devoid of whatever political party he or she is coming from”.

Meanwhile, in their various reactions, youth leaders from Burutu, Bomadi, Patani, Warri South and Warri North Local Government Areas of the state speaks in one voice that 2023 shall take a new dimension as they are fully prepared to work, vote and deliver a grassroot peoples oriented candidates in the forthcoming general elections, the statement added.

Photo Credit, The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide. 

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