As the government’s tenure draws to a close, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you, sir, for granting me the invaluable opportunity to serve under your esteemed leadership. Your love for me and your unwavering support has made a significant impact on my personal and professional growth.

Since the day I began working with you, I have witnessed a remarkable transformation within myself. Your guidance, mentorship, and faith in my abilities have propelled me to become a better person. Your leadership style, characterized by integrity and a genuine concern for the welfare of the people, has left an indelible mark on my life. One aspect that draws me closer to you, H.E. Dcn. Kingsley B. Otuaro, is your unwavering love for God and your steadfast commitment to His principles. Your deep-rooted faith in God and your dedication to promoting godly values have been a constant inspiration to me.

I want to assure you, sir, that I will always be available whenever you call upon me. Your trust in my capabilities and your unwavering belief in my commitment to the goals of our administration has instilled in me a deep sense of responsibility and dedication. I am honored to have served under your leadership, and I am committed to upholding the values and ideals we have worked tirelessly to promote.

As this chapter comes to a close, I would like to offer a prayer for your future endeavors, H.E. Dcn. Kingsley B. Otuaro. May the favor of the Lord continually be upon you, guiding your steps and granting you wisdom and discernment in all your future endeavors. May you find strength and inspiration in His presence, and may your path be filled with success and fulfillment.
Psalm 20:4: “May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.”

Once again, I extend my deepest appreciation for your unwavering support and for the opportunity to serve alongside you. You have left an indelible mark on my life, and I am forever grateful. May God continue to bless you abundantly, and may your future be filled with joy, fulfillment, and success.

With utmost gratitude and warm regards,

Pastor Arex Akemotubo
Senior Special Assistant on Political Matters
Office of the Deputy Governor