Amb. Chief, Dr. Godspower Tomone, the leader of oil rich Youbebe Community, and a prominent chief of the great and ancient Ogulagha Kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State, has thrown his entire weight on High Chief Government Ekpemupolo aka Tompolo on the currently heated Surveillance Contract Renewal saga. ACCORDING TO TOMONE, HIMSELF AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY DID NOT BENEFIT IN THE TANTITA JOB SLOTS, but the truth must be told. He added that his support for Tompolo is not because of their family ties or kinsmanship.

According to Chief Tomone, Riffling through the pages of Tantita’s scorecard, one would need no soothsayer to be convinced that Renewing Tantita’s Surveillance Contract remains the best option for Nigeria’s economy as the infallible evidences dance before the very eyes of Nigerians.

Chief Tomone in a statement cautioned his ijaw brothers and kinsmen to desist from the habit of sabotaging or defaming their brothers for cheap political or financial rewards as it will only lead to doom and catastrophe. The peace ambassador urged Ijaw leaders, warlords and activists to look beyond political affinities and give Tompolo his deserved credit as it is evident that the Ijaw Warlord has paid his dues in full for the Ijaw nation, Niger Delta region and Nigeria at large. Tomone specifically urged all Niger Delta Ex-agitators that are agitating for pluralization of the surveillance contract among all Ex- agitators to let go as it is uncalled for . Chief Tomone reiterated that his fair judgement on Tompolo is not traceable to his kinship ties with him nor being a beneficiary of the Tantita’s job slots but because Tompolo’s struggles for the development of the Niger Delta and the rejuvenation of the Nigerian economy can not be swept under the carpet. The dual assignment of Tantita: securing the Nigeria’s oil pipelines and creating lasting peace in the Niger Delta region, which the firm has masterly executed, are valid reasons to appreciate Tompolo. The peace ambassador added that The Tantita Pipeline Surveillance Contract is not a privilege for Tompolo to have but His Right to Have it because he has worked for it.

Going further, Chief Tomone categorically stated that Tompolo’s Tantita awesome performance between the space of one year, qualifies him for a renewal of his contract unless the attention of the Nigerian Government has drifted away from lifting it’s mono-economy to a greater height. Nigeria’s crude oil based economy was at the brink of crumbling as evidently insinuated by a feeble 700 barrels crude oil production per day when the surveillance contract was first awarded to Tantita Security Services Limited in August 2022. Like a miracle, Tantita’s zealousness and the burden to lift Nigeria from the embarrassing situation of economic incapacitation, trod through criticism, defamation etc. and succeeded in pushing the crude oil production figures to a whooping 1.6 Million barrels per day against 700 barrels. I make bold to say as a keen observer not as a kinsman, that it is near impossible to find someone who can do the pipeline surveillance job better than Tompolo who has mastered the nooks and crannies of the creeks in the Niger Delta and as a son of Ogulagha Kingdom which is probably the highest oil producing kingdom in Nigeria today.

Chief Tomone in harmony with the Niger Delta Defenders activist group cautioned the Northern Youth Advocacy For Good Governance Initiative and Areas Youth Forum to be extremely careful with their truckloads of unguided criticisms of High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpomupolo aka Tompolo. The Ogulagha Kingdom chief emphatically cautioned that the above mentioned Northern groups stay clear from Niger Delta affairs, especially when it concerns the Ijaws and immediately stop peddling falsehood in a bid to please their sponsors. Tomone added that the agitations of the above Northern groups implies that the success of Tantita Security Service Nigerian Limited, has really affected the usual “business” in the North where they store our crude oil. The attitude of the said groups regarding the Tantita Surveillance contract renewal is a clear sign of jealousy and villain. Their claims lack facticity and should be disregarded by the Nigerian government.

Chief Tomone pleaded with His Excellency President Bola Amhed Tinubu to renew the Tantita Security Services Nigerian Limited’s Pipeline Surveillance Contract as it is the best thing and way to secure the country’s economy as regards crude oil production. He urged president Tinubu to shun every forms of distractions and go ahead with the renewal of the Tantita’s contract. He added that president Tinubu has been known for taking wise decisions and the Tantita case won’t be an exception