Prof Binebai Congratulates Tompolo On Honorary Doctorate Degree, Describes Him As Embodiment Of Agadagba

A message of congratulations It is with a heart elevated with joy, that I congratulate High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, fondly called Tompolo on his honourary Doctorial Degree conferment by the Nigerian Maritime University, Okerenkoko.

You are a big vessel of education, peace and a legendary custodian of security in the Nniger Delta and Nigeria. Your glory as an unparalleled philanthropist is also greatly noticed.

Your constant dedication to making the world a better place is strikingly inspiring, and your impact on the lives of uncountable people, high and low, is undeniable.

You are a distinguished role model, you are one of a kind, a rare breed,full of powers yet commands the largest blood of peace and generosity.

You will continue to inspire generations to come. May your voyage of life continue to be blessed with greater successes and accomplishments and may you always find fabour in your life..
Congratulations on your round and resounding accomplishments, your legacy is love and light, a true embodiment of Agadagba, the ancient chief priest and military General of Izon nation.